Sunday School

IACC Sunday School

"The IACC Sunday Islamic School intends to provide a place and environment for students to acquire and practice Islamic education. We attempt to assist our children to follow the Islamic way of life while living in un-Islamic surroundings."

The future of Islam directly depends upon the time and effort we invest today to educate our children and provide them with Islamic and intellectual growth. As such, it is the aim of the Islamic Association of Collin County?


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(972) 491-5800 (tel)
(972) 208-6482 (fax)

About IACC

About IACC
The Islamic Association of Collin County (IACC) is the center offers a place to pray, conducts variety of Islamic lessons (Halaqa), Sunday School, Summer School, marriage services, and Quranic and Arabic teachings.

Where is IACC?
The Islamic Association of Collin County (IACC) is located in Plano at 6401 Independence Parkway, Plano, Texas 75023.

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